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How It Works

If you select a painting that is not marked “Reference” you can purchase it immediately and it will ship in approximately 1 week. If you select a painting that is marked “Reference” you can purchase that image at which time we will provide a new oil painting duplicating that image for you. Since it is a new original painting please allow 5-6 weeks for oil, 1-2 weeks for acrylic to ensure proper drying time.

Also, if you select an image but want to change the season (winter to summer, summer to fall) or want to change the color scheme we can do that as well.

Email a picture or image to us that you would like done in oil or acrylic. We will review the image and reply back to you whether we can
duplicate it or not and advise you of price and availability. Should you wish us to proceed and confirm via email the project will
begin. Once completed we will notify you and after the appropriate drying time will ship it to you.

All new paintings will be added to our site as “reference” images for newcomers with similar interests. Should you wish the piece
to remain “private” please let us know when you give us your initial approval to proceed with the order.

We will make every effort to duplicate the picture or image as closely as possible but because these are original paintings done
by hand will not be exactly the same. Plus, whatever minor changes are made will make that painting original and unique so it’s
not the “ same” as someone else.

Framing is a very personal aspect of a painting which can enhance or detract from its beauty. How the frame matches the painting
e.g. complimentary colors or textures, how it matches the surroundings and existing décor, the lighting within the space, etc. So
all paintings will not include a frame unless specifically mentioned.

Should you wish us to recommend a particular frame we will be happy to do that and submit those to you once again based on the
relationship-frame to painting only.

If after receiving the painting or item, you are not totally satisfied with the piece you can return it for a full refund.